Traditional Music

The traditional music scene in Gweedore embraces the essence of Irish culture and heritage, creating a vibrant and enchanting atmosphere. Regular sessions held in the cozy pubs of Gweedore form the heartbeat of this musical tradition. Musicians from near and far gather together, their instruments harmonizing in a symphony of fiddles, flutes, accordions, and bodhráns. The spirited melodies, haunting airs, and lively jigs and reels fill the air as the musicians, steeped in the mastery of their craft, share their tunes and stories with an appreciative audience. These sessions not only preserve the musical heritage of the region but also create an inclusive and welcoming space where locals, tourists, and musicians of all skill levels can come together to celebrate the timeless beauty of Irish traditional music.

Session Schedule

Monday : Teac Hudai Beags

Tuesday : Sean Ogs

Wednesday :

Thursday :

Friday : Teac Hudai Beags


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