Loch Altan & Meenagopog
Difficulty: Moderate
5 km
2.5 - 3 hours

One of the most rewarding and accessible walks in the area, this walk will bring you to the picturesque Loch Altan wedged between Aghla More (An Eachla Mhór) and Breaghy. An abandoned 'castle' lies at the sandy edge of the lake with the old stone walls of the farm still standing.

The starting point for this walk is 3.5 km past the Errigal car-park (on Letterkenny side). Park in the layby just after the small bridge.

Cross the stile and follow the bog road into the abandoned village of Meenagopog.

Head south west, parallel to the forest line, keep an eye out for herds of deer amongst the trees. The lake will reveal itself as you come over the ridge. There are spectacular views of the lake and farm from this approach. The walk down to the farm is steep but manageable.

Take time to explore the farm and lake.

For the return journey follow the stream back towards the village.